Upper Catchment Issues Tasmania
Tasmanian Community Resource Auditors (TCRA)

Overview of Auditor's Training Course

The purpose of audit training is to provide people with skills in environmental/project auditing to enable them to compare and analyse projects against the stated planning, execution and outcome of the operation. Some examples of what can be audited include:

An audit can be applied to any operation where an operational plan or strategy has been documented.

The one day workshop is structured as follows:

  1. Introduction to Community Based Auditing. What do we mean by auditing? Who can audit? Why audit? Auditing in the context of managing your own community based project.
  2. The audit frame work. To audit we need a consistent reference point, e.g. with forestry operations it would be the Forest Practice Code, the Forest Practices Plan or the Forest Practices Act. With industrial pollution it would be the Environment Management Plan or project operational plan held by the company and so on.
  3. The importance of gathering background information. Be clear on the reasons why an audit is being proposed, e.g. is there an issue or problem? Is it a matter of measuring how well a proponent has prepared themselves for a project or how committed they are to the projects stated outcome? Answers to these and other questions form an important starting point for the audit.
  4. Making use of experts. The use of experts to cross check your findings and any assertions you may make in the final audit report. This step is vital in ensuring the validity and professionalism of your work.
  5. What constitutes an audit. The search for mismatches and inconsistencies (this is very much at the heart of the audit process). Preparing check sheets, what counts as evidence, photographic evidence, quantitative and qualitative evidence, letters of proof and discovery of documents. Production of the report and publication. The media and public right to know.
  6. A Case Study. The group walks through an actual case study.

The cost of holding the workshop is $10 per person with a minimum of 6 people. To find out more about this Auditing Training Course please contact Resource Publications