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Mini Bonsai Tree - How they are different from the regular Bonsai Tree

Author: April Kerr

The art of bonsai sculpting emerged in ancient Japan. It is often assumed that bonsai trees are small by their nature, surprisingly this is not the case. The bonsai tree carer has to prune and train these ordinary trees and plants to achieve the desired effect. The mini bonsai takes this concept even further and is so small could fit in your pocket.

You would be wrong to assume that in order to create a mini bonsai you need
to use a traditional bonsai plant. If you do your research you will find there are lots of other species that are suitable

How to Care for a Mini Bonsai

Looking after your mini bonsai need not be more difficult to look after than a regular bonsai. Keep caring for the mini bonsai in the same way as a regular bonsai. For instance, don’t treat your mini deciduous bonsai any differently from your regular deciduous bonsai. Keep the same watering habits and use the exact same soil.

The only real difference between caring for your mini bonsai is you require a much smaller pot. This does not mean you should neglect your repotting duties however. Remember that if you are repotting you should avoid doing this within a month either side of pruning. Your don’t want to cause your bonsai any shock.

Make sure you have read up on how much sun your bonsai variety needs. Make sure that the soil does not dry out during the hotter months by giving them more shade. If they are given too much or too little sun this could cause them to become unhealthy or even die.

If you enjoy growing and looking after bonsai trees, it is suggested that you read up as much as you can on the subject. Joining a club is a great way to share tips and make friends. If you there are no bonsai clubs in your area, why not start one?

If you already are experienced in caring for bonsai plants, looking after a mini bonsai could give you that extra little challenge. Make sure you look after your mini bonsai as it will help you develop your pruning skills further than you can with a regular sized bonsai.

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