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About Trees

Author: David Evermon -

Every gardener knows that trees are the thing that makes a garden, tree create the outline of a garden, can be used to separate different parts of garden to be used for different landscaping and sometimes used to create ea feeling of solitude and isolation form external features like neighbors or buildings.

Naturally some of us, even the ones who are not the average gardener, simply love trees for what they are, to hear the wind blowing their leaves away or just for relaxing or taking a nap under a trees shadow is enough to appreciate a tree. But these days trees are becoming much more than that, with growing awareness to the environment trees are becoming a product, they serve as gifts and as special features in gardens and in front of houses.

The gardening industry has expanded beyond simply cutting flowers and mowing the lawn, now there are garden designers, landscape artists and many more titles that are concerned with the general look of a garden, one of the important responsibilities when thinking of a garden design is to create harmony and balance which is impossible without trees, and when experts do the work they want very particular tees to complete the picture and this is where the new attitude toward trees begins.

For example there is growing awareness to the olive tree today, since it is so hard to find and such a strong and wonderful tree many people would like to place it in their gardens as a symbol for the family to remember, the palm trees are growing in popularity because of the certain feeling that they give to people and many more other trees correspond to different needs.

A crabapple tree is one of the most impressive trees you can have in a backyard or a garden, it is a tree that is of the family of the rose trees and its floors are magnificent, when you have such a tree in your garden you will surely pay attention to it and once it starts flowering you will have something very special happening just before your eyes, which by itself is a wonderful experience.

Although owning trees may sound a little bad it is not at all the case, in fact the growing use of trees in private houses is contributing o the understanding and love of trees, it is very important that we lead to identify trees and that we recognize tree as a living thing that we all use in our every day activity, it is wonderful that children live by trees and learn to accept different trees as part of their family heritage, continuing it after their parents and creating a society that will love and protect trees in the future.

Even if you do not have a house of your own and live in an apartment youu can still grow trees, bonsai trees are famous for their need of dedication and treatment, it is also known that many take their trees with them once moving out of places, strengthening the bond between human and plant, man and tree.

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