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Have You Heard Of The Term Organic Cooking?

Author: Scott Byers

Well what is organic cooking? This term refers to cooking done with all organic ingredients using the best of the organic food to create tasty and very healthy dishes. This is possible today, because in many places all over the globe, people are waking to the requirement of consuming organic food. The market is now promoting diet foods, low fat foods, etc. However, these are not at all necessary if we eat good organic food and we eat in moderation everything that we get in our daily routine. There are many ways to promote good organic cooking and the next few lines will attempt to describe a few simple ways:

Use normal salt not the standard iodized salt that we have been using for ages. Use instead natural sea salt or fleur de sel and notice the difference in the food you are eating. The flavor of the food is far enhanced by this simple addition.

Have a kitchen garden behind the house or side where you can grow your own vegetables the whole year round. A small 8x10 patch can cultivate sufficient vegetables to last a family of 4-6 the whole year. In this way you not only save some cash, you get to eat your home-grown vegetables which are guaranteed to be fresh.

Use only organic ingredients like vegetables, fruit, and all other ingredients like butter, herbs, etc. It is splendid to know that you can consume only fresh ingredients which have been hand-picked for you lunch or dinner.

Do not use the microwave as the microwave can distort the taste of the vegetables or fruit to a great extent; in order to really check this fact, you could really use your microwave to cook something and then you cook the same thing on an open flame. Taste and mark the difference in taste; the taste on the open flame is far more flavor-full than the one cooked in the microwave.

Use organic butter, milk and other related ingredients as there is a marked difference between butter that is produced out the milk of cows that have only grazed on grass; and those cows which were treated with hormones and food fertilizers.

Use easy techniques to cook organically and improve on the taste of the food while still maintaining the nutritional value of the vegetables on the fire; you need to take care and reduce the water content slowly enhancing the flavor while ensuring that nothing is really wasted into the air or water in which the vegetables are cooked in.

Do not use any additional preservatives. Whenever you need a preservative you should only use natural preservatives. Also whenever you need something that requires preservation, use the natural way to do, so with ingredients like lemon juice, salt, sugar, honey, etc. In this way you can have your food preserved and it will last as long, or may be longer than the chemically preserved ones and you are now assured that you are consuming only the goodness of the earth.

Scott Byers is the owner of All Organic Diet, an organic food blog all about the benefits of organic foods.