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Get To Know Organic Fertilizer

Author: Sanggaya Lanny

What is organic fertilizer?

Growing vegetable and fruit organically is not allowable using any chemical supplements. It must be entirely organic from the planting process, periodical maintenance up to the harvest period. Using organic fertilizer is also friendly environment. There are two kind of organic fertilizers, animal fertilizer and compost:

A. Animal Fertilizer

Animal fertilizer is organic fertilizer which made of cattle and poultry wastes fermentation. Cattle waste can be from mammals such as cows, goats, bulls. Poultry waste can be from ducks, birds, chicken. As these wastes are fermented, therefore the physical looks are turned darker colour and the texture become crumbs. Ingredients of both cattle and poultry wastes are different, they depend on type of animal, age, animal condition, animal foods and storing waste process before application.

Generally, ingredients of poultry waste are higher than mammals waste, because their solid and liquid waste blend together. The most useful one is chicken waste compare to other poultry.

B. Compost

Compost is organic fertilizer which came from plants corrosion such as leaves, grass, straws and coarse grass. There are two kinds of compost, Compost and Fermented Compost’. Compost is corroded naturally, while Fermented Compost is corroded by human touch through crumbs microbe.

Compost normally takes times up to three months and even a year, depend on the texture. If hard texture, such as coarse grass, it needs more than a year of the corrosion. While soft texture like leaves it only needs about three months.

Adding crumbs microbe, you can take only a month to make Fermented Compost. This is caused by the microbes which work intensively to crumb the organic materials and is supported by human touch to blend it periodically. Besides the time is relatively short, quality of the Fermented Compost is much better because it still has the crumbs microbe to fertilize the soil. Therefore, you can use half quantity from the Compost usage.

The main purposes to make both Compost and Fermented Compost are to build organic, in order to obtain corrosion process. Blend process plays an important part, so it has good air circulation and humidity is maintained then perfect corrosion is obtained.

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Lanny Sanggaya