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Bonsai Care – Use Of Fertilizer


Copyright 2006 Mdarma

The survival of a Bonsai Plants depends on several factors. To list a few:

* Watering is an important function and the technique of watering is equally important.

* light and Humidity are essential for a healthy growth.

* Fertilizer is another important product needed for creating a healthy bonsai plant.

* Soil, Pruning, Temperature and Re-potting are equally an important concern in the growth of a bonsai plant.

In this article we will look into the need for fertilizer, which is plant food. like all plants, bonsai plants need fertilizer to grow into a healthy plant. The natural foods are water, carbon dioxide and sunlight. Plants convert them to carbohydrate and sugar, which is a form of food to plants.

Fertilizer is another type of plant food that provides the bonsai with needed minerals and vitamins. For instance, to assist with cell division and enzyme processes, the fertilizer offers three important things - nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

Let us look how Nitrogen helps in the growth of our Bonsai Plant.

The nitrogen in the fertilizer gives the Bonsai Plant its beautiful green colour, as well as the elongation of the leaves. It helps in the growth of the Bonsai Plant. Nitrogen also affects internodes growth and is required for protein manufacturing. Phosphorous is also used for cell division but in addition, this element is needed for RNA, DNA, and fatty substances, making the leaves a dark green colour. However, phosphorous is an important element for flowering bonsai and development of the root growth. For the development of cell enzymes and healthy cell activity in the Bonsai Plants, Potassium comes into play.

Fertilizer is absorbed through the roots through a process known as osmosis, which means the solution being moved is less concentrated. The result is fertilizer and water being able to move great distances through the plant. Keep in mind that fertilizer can also be absorbed through the plant's foliage although the main absorption is through the roots.

It is highly recommended that you use a liquid form of fertilizer, as it will be easier on the bonsai plants, furthermore it gives more direct results. It is highly recommended you follow the instruction given. A word of caution, if you choose to fertilizer frequently it would be advantages to dilute the solution so as to reduce the salt contents.

As we realise that are three types of important items that are required by a Bonsai Plants. They are, 1) Nitrogen 2) Phosphorous and 3) Potassium. So whenever we purchase a fertiliser we must ensure that these three chemicals are present in the fertiliser. Check it out from the label.

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