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Will Organic Food Only Be For The Rich

Author: Brett Ellis

Is organic food only going to be affordable for the rich and famous? Growing demand on suppliers and increasing land values could create a major increase in the price we pay for our organic products. What would you be prepared to pay?

(PRWEB) September 7, 2005 -- Organic food sales are growing at a phenomenal rate according to a leading health food expert Brett Ellis. One in four shoppers now put at least one item of organic food into their shopping cart. Ellis who runs the website predicts sales to increase dramatically in the very near future.

The question is, will we be able to afford to buy what's available and will the supply keep up with growing demand? Their has been a dramatic increase in younger families choosing organic creating higher demands on local producers. Once they start on organic foods for their young children, they find it very hard to go back to the standard super-market fare.

Growing demands on local producers is being stretched as volume increases and land values put pressure on farmers. The big question is, says Ellis, is will the property developers take over to much fertile land. And if the farmers get shuffled further away from their markets, how wiil the rising cost of fuel affect transportation costs?

This leaves us in a very prequarious position says Ellis. Demand outstripping supply once again. How will the organic movement cope? Only over the last five years has organic food become readily available to the masses and it could be in short supply again. Maybe it's time you got that overgrown garden in the backyard composted and replanted.

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