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The Joys Of Indoor Gardening

Author: Sue Jan -

Indoor gardening, or gardening that is done indoors as in offices and residences, has become a popular hobby. Other than its aesthetic appeal, it also provides health benefits such as purification of air. Generally houseplants are grown in indoor gardening. The more popular methods of indoor gardening include organic gardening and container gardening where the use of chemicals is avoided.

Thousands of houseplants are grown in indoor gardening. Typical houseplants include ferns, cactus, bonsai plants, daffodils, hyacinths, rose plants, rubber, Chinese evergreen, money plant, weeping fig, zebra plant, prayer plant, philodendrons, orchids, jade plant, African violets, English ivy, begonias etc.

Indoor gardening requires patience and continuous care to yield good results. The important factors in successful indoor gardening are light, watering, soil, plant pots, fertilisers and pesticides.

light: light is very important for indoor plants as plants prepare food by photosynthesis. Two factors of light are intensity and duration. Different plants need different intensities. Duration of 8 to10 hours of sunlight is more than sufficient for the plants.

Watering: Improper watering is the leading cause of death of plants in indoor gardening. Watering once a week is sufficient. Feel for dampness about an inch under the soil; if the soil is damp do not water.

Soil:Water drainage through soil is very important. Usually coir and peat are added in soil to improve drainage. Plants like cactus need very high drainage.

Humidity: Plants roughly need a humidity of 80% RH. This can be achieved by placing a tray filled with pebbles and the water level just below the pebbles, adjacent to the plant.

Fertilisers: Fertilisers contain phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Changing the soil is better than adding feriliser.

Pesticides: If the houseplants become affected by pests, use a garlic and chilly juice to spray on the plants, rather than using chemical pesticides.

Pots: Pots of clay are preferred as they help in water drainage and aeration of soil better than glazed or plastic pots. Use correct sized pots as plants in pots that are too large are prone to root disease due to moisture retention. A small pot restricts the growth of plants. The pots need to be changed around once in two years.

Tools: Investing in good tools is better in the long run, as the tools are used for tough jobs. Clean the tools thoroughly after use.

Indoor gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It gives great satisfaction to see the plants growing, as well as improving the aesthic appeal and atmosphere of the interior.

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