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Organic Gardening Is Cool

Author: Joe Hickman

Gardening can add more quality to the way you live, and might even add quantity to your life. There are many benefits of gardening, particularly organic gardening. Its so much fun you may even forget whats bothering you.

Organic gardening is growing vegetables and fruits using whatever nature provides.

Organic gardening is cool.

1. Its not as boring.

You can easily make his own compost from garden and kitchen waste. Though composting takes a little longer than buying prepared chemical pesticides and fertilizers, its surely less expensive and more rewarding.

2. Fewer chemicals on the food you and your family consume.

Pesticides contain toxins that have only one purpose -- to kill living things. One of the best known benefits of organic gardening is the zero tolerance for pesticide use, also the biggest reason for the boom of organic gardening.

3. Less harm to the environment.

Organic gardening has a beneficial effect on ground water. The Environmental Protection Agency says 38 states have multiple cases of contaminated ground water.

Organic gardening helps fight topsoil erosion. The Soil Conservation Service says commercial farming causes an estimated 30-32 billion tons of soil erosion from U.S. farmlands every year.

4. Saving money.

You dont need to buy costly chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic gardeners continually come up with great ideas, like fertilizing with stale coffee or used coffee grounds. And planting marigolds nearby to draw aphids away from vegetables.

Make a quart of garden pest spray with water and three tablespoons of a simple mixture of one 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap and 1 cup of cooking oil.

Mulch, used to keep moisture in and weeds out, can be created from grass clippings and pine needles.

5. Organic gardening feels good. You know youre helping safeguard future generations.

On the average, a child ingests four to five times more cancer-causing pesticides from foods than an adult, which can lead to numerous diseases later in life. The organic gardener is helping give todays children a healthier tomorrow.

Who wouldnt want that?

Go ahead. Search for "organic gardening" and learn more right now. By spring youll be raring to go organic.

Joe Hickman, a veteran journalist, is editor at