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Use Magazine Classified Ads to Build Internet Business

Author: John T Jones, Ph.D.

Use Print Ads to Bring Potential Customers to Your Internet Site

Print advertizing can be very profitable to Internet operators. Low-cost classified ads in targeted print magazines can drive folks to your site. Ads not targeted will prove to me fruitless.

One problem to Internet business operators is that ads must be tracked to determine the advertising dollar return. If a visitor comes to the site from a print ad, how do you track it? Well, the simplest way is to have your ad send them to a page (URL) used only for a specific ad. Place a counter on that page to see what traffic is generated by the ad. From this page, your customer can than move to your desired URL and message.

You may want to welcome the visitor to your tracking page with a request for his or her first name and e-mail address. That way, you will know which enquires place orders and those that can be contacted later by e-mail to persuade them to buy your product or service. A free gift or newsletter might intice them to leave their information. Just don't make it a requirement to move on to your sales pitch.

Some operators request more information than the first name and e-mail address. Is that a good idea? How do you feel about it? Remember that the visitor is there to find the information described in your print ad. He is not there for the Spanish Inquisition. With this in mind, you may not want to ask more than two or three questions.

One Advantage of Print Advertising That Directs Traffic to Your URL

Your URL can be an ad in itself. That is if it is named correctly. I have a dozen web sites. I’ve tried to give them descriptive names that make the URLs ads in themselves. For example, one of my sites is

Another is

Do you get the point?

These URLs are small ads in themselves. This allows me to use fewer words or just the URL to promote my business.

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