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The Advantages of Home-Based Internet Business

Author: Matthew Eigbe

One of the many advantages of owning your own home-based business, whether it is on the Internet or not, is the satisfaction experienced when you realize you have created something for yourself and it's working. Those first few dollars are oh so sweet. It doesn't matter that you may have spent 100 hours to earn that first dollar, or that you may have spent $10.

Someone has listened to your story and has spent money to buy your product or service. It's a beginning, a glorious beginning. It's energizing, and you know you will move ahead to success.

Another advantage is that you can't be made redundant. You might fail, but that is something that is in your own hands. No one can decide you are too old, or that you don't fit the new corporate plan, or that your job is to be eliminated. You control your destiny, not someone else whom you may never have seen. It's why you can feel such satisfaction when you succeed, however small those first successes may be; they are your successes alone.

Sky's the limit

And there are no limits to your success. In most jobs, those held by most of the people we know, it is almost impossible to earn $100,000 a year. Six- and seven-figure incomes are achieved by many home-based businesses on the Internet. You don't even have to dream up the business, if you choose not to. Plenty of reputable businesses need people to work on their behalf, marketing on the Internet (or off it). In many businesses, you don't even need to know much more about computers than where the on/off switch is.

Instead of working as a clone in a cramped cubicle, you can make your surroundings whatever you want them to be when you work from home. Need to lie down to think? Go right ahead; you know where the bedroom or couch is. Coffee? Snack? A TV break, even? You can do all these things…but there is danger in this, too.

To guard against wasting time and failing to get the necessary tasks done, you will need to develop discipline, far more perhaps than when you work for someone else. Time truly is money when you work for yourself. You get paid only when you produce. Chatting with neighbors delighted that you are home, mowing the lawn, taking the dog for a walk, are not activities for which you get paid. You don't get paid for thinking about you business, either, even though it is clearly necessary. You get paid for doing productive work.

Your hours are your own

Your hours are your own. No one will tell you that you have to be at your desk at 8 a.m., or that you should go home at 5 p.m. Whether you work part-time or full-time is entirely up to you. Many successful people who work on the Internet make extremely comfortable incomes from their laptops while they laze on the beach. But they had put in effort and the hours to get to that point.

Running a business from home (or the beach) on your computer means freedom, freedom to choose in ways that are impossible if you are an employee. That does not mean you have no bosses. Your customers or clients are your bosses…but you can fire them if you wish. You have the freedom to choose.

Matthew Eigbe has over 25 years experience in consumer marketing and now focuses on network marketing using the internet. He is webmaster at , a site that explains how you can gain Financial Freedom by inviting people to have their own domain name.