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Start Your Own Internet Business

Author: Hamish Hayward

Why Start Your Own Business? Starting an internet business is something which more and more people are considering and investigating. It makes good sense for many reasons. Lack of job security in the traditional work market. Pension worries. Lack of recognition. Poor prospects. A desire to have more quality time with friends and family. Freedom of choice - "be your own boss". A sense of achievement. The possibility of earning large amounts of money.

The possibility of earning large sums of money is last on this list quite deliberately. This is important for most people but it is often a secondary goal (admittedly a close second) when compared to the increased freedom, additional spare time and sense of achievement that running your own business can provide.

In the USA alone there are estimated to be 25,000,000 people who currently run a home business of some kind. Over 5,000,000 of these home businesses produce an annual gross revenue of between $100,000 to $500,000. We're not talking about hobbies here!

The pattern is the same worldwide. More and more people are rejecting "conventional" working patterns or, are discovering that the conventional working patterns - a job for life, mutual respect and trust etc. - are no longer in evidence.

Why An Internet Business? Starting an internet business has many advantages over a more traditional small business:

Low start up costs. A worldwide market. The ability to work part time in the first instance, until your business takes off. The possibility to automate certain tasks by the use of software. The ability to take orders online, to collect cash and to arrange for goods to be shipped without having to handle them.

These are very significant advantages. the low start up cost alone makes it possible for many people, who would otherwise have no realistic opportunity to start a business, to get up and running quickly and cheaply. Low start up costs also mean that there is considerably less risk involved and it should be easier to recover your investment more quickly.

Where To Begin? There are - or there seem to be - thousands of opportunities presented on the web. How do you choose between them, and how do you avoid being ripped off? You need to have some kind of system for evaluating the available options in a logical manner. Don't just sign up for something because it has a nice website or sales letter - do your homework and you could easily find yourself with a profitable business before you know it.

There are 6 key areas to research if you're thinking about starting your own business:

The company. You need to be working with people who can be trusted, and who will be around to pay you in the future. The product. A good product is essential. Ask yourself if would you buy it if you weren't a distributor. The payment or commission scheme. What do you get paid for? When do you get paid? How do you get paid? The sales method. Are you comfortable with the sales method? can you produce your own adverts? The level of admin required. This should be low. You don't want to waste your time on paperwork do you? The cost - both startup and running. Is it affordable? Will others be prepared to invest when it comes time to build your own team?

Do your research into each of the above areas and you might just find the right opportunity for you.

Hamish Hayward Start Your Own Internet Business? Discover the 6 key factors you need to master for success - online or offline. Free e-books, newsletter, tools and resources.