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Some Real Reasons To Start An Internet Business

Author: Donovan Baldwin

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and discover they were the big things. -- Anonymous

A few years ago, I wrote one of those " 10 Reasons to... " things. It was why someone would want to start a home business. I used the usual stuff - more money, more time with the family, freedom to work your own schedule - that sort of stuff. The reasons were valid, the comments were honest, the writing was okay, so nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe not Moby Dick, or Silas Marner, but an acceptable piece of work.

Since then, I've gotten to think about the subject a little more. Also, since I HAVE achieved some level of success, I began to see the subject from a slightly different angle. When I first wrote the article, I knew that I WOULD be making significant income eventually, but I wasn't making a lot. When I sat down to write, I was writing about those things that I wanted then.

Now, I have a regular income coming in, I have paid off some bills, I work pretty much my schedule (when my daughters, my wife, and the dog let me.) Now, my priorities have changed a little, and so has my list. Therefore, for your edification, here is my new list. I don't call it revised, because the original list is okay for the person I was when I was just getting started. THIS liST is for the person I am now.

1. GAIN PRIDE AND SELF RESPECT: Many of us go through life worrying about what others think of us. We live our lives in the expectation of finding out we're not so hot. Really, most people are very nice and have no reason to think badly about themselves, but for some reason we tend to think we're not as good as we really are. Success with your own home or internet business makes you least in your own eyes. I never thought of myself as NOT being proud of myself until I began to be successful with my own home business.

2. HELP PEOPLE: A lot of us wish we could be of more help to others, but we are so busy taking care of ourselves and our immediate family, it just seems that sometimes there's not enough resources, whether it's time, money, or simply ourselves. Having your own business allows you to use your time and resources as YOU see fit.

3. GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR liFE: This was one that also showed up in my older article, but in a slightly different guise. As was pointed out in #2 above, once WE take charge of our lives and our resources, we can not only do such grand things as chart our own destiny, but we can take control of the smaller issues as well...when to get up, when to play, when to work, etc. This is going to show up in a lot of the other points. By gaining this control, we will have the opportunity to become more complete within ourselves and in our relations with others and the world in general.

4. SERVE AS AN EXAMPLE: Your success, how you do your business, how you treat other people, how you live your life will serve as examples to others. As your success frees you to become something more than which you were before, you will have the opportunity to touch the lives of more people. What you do will be noticed.

5. LEAVE YOUR LOVED ONES SOMETHING: Not only will they be left with the tangible assets you leave behind, but they will have your example and your success as an unending part of their lives. This is something they can be proud of and can pass on to THEIR loved ones.

5. USE YOUR NATURAL TALENTS: After working so many years to satisfy the whims and fantasies of so many others, it is great to be able to operate in a business using those skills and talents that appeal to YOU and not the boss.

6. IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH: My wife pointed this out the other night. When we are working to make ends meet, and working for someone else, our personal health sometimes had to take a back seat to the scheduling and demands of our job. Able to work my own schedule, I am able to fit in exercise of whatever kind I want whenever I want. I don't have to squeeze in a run during lunch and then wolf down a sandwich at my desk. I can stand up from my "work" at any time, take supplements, take a walk...or simply have a beer, if I am so inclined. This, together with an income that is larger than anything I ever had in my jobs, sure relieves a lot of stress, too.

7. IMPROVE YOUR MIND: Not only will you find yourself constantly having to learn, grow, and adapt when you run your own internet or network marketing business, but you will find that you have the opportunity to take courses or return to school because your schedule and your finances grant you that opportunity.

8. PARTICIPATE IN THE COMMUNITY: Many people would like to participate in the community, but don't because they are tired, they don't have the time, they don't have the money...the list goes on. When you are making a good income and are your own boss, you will find that you can schedule your participation in community activities. Not only is this mentally and emotionally rewarding, but, as a network marketer, it allows us to work (net-work) and have fun at the same time.

9. PREPARE FOR RETIREMENT: You may have noticed that many companies have cut retirement benefits way back, and there is the never ending question as to whether or not Social Security will be available for us. Well, thanks to my internet business, I have an almost guaranteed source of income. This source of income is greater than anything I received in the years that I worked at a job, can be earned in the comfort of my home, at any level I choose to work, on my schedule. Heck, I guess I am retired!

10. TEACH OTHERS WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED: Years ago, I had the opportunity to be in a position to teach new job skills to people who were out of work, or whose jobs were totally unrewarding...particularly from a financial standpoint. I cannot tell you the fantatic feeling I got the very first time someone I had trained came up to me and grabbed my hand and shook it! They were so very grateful that I had helped them change the course of their lives. Many were simply happy that I was willing to spend the time with them and treat them with respect.

Well, there you have it. It's not a comprehensive list, of course, and I am sure that each person could add to, prune, or rearrange it in some way. We are all different, but having your own home business gives you the opportunity to set your stamp on your life and the lives of others and to live by the list you believe in.

There can be no high civilization where there is not ample leisure. -- Henry Ward Beecher

The author is retired from the Army after 21 years of service, has worked as an accountant, optical lab manager, restaurant manager, and instructor. He has been a member of Mensa for several years, and has written and published poetry, essays, and articles on various subjects for the last 40 years. He has been an active internet marketer since 2000, and now makes his living online. You will find an index of several of his articles at . His original article referenced here may be found at .