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How to Start Your Own Internet Business for Under $100

Author: Norman Dreamer

Yes, it is possible to start your own internet business for under $100. The only costs are a state reseller's license and a domain name. Everything else can be done free. My website is living proof.

It all started when I was watching a late night tv commercial for internet treasure chest. After sending in for their cd and spending $61 and knowing that I would be billed for hundreds of dollars for their services, I decided to do it myself from scratch. After getting a cheap website maker for $40,

I proceeded to make a 30 page website and it took me about 3 months. It only cost me $25 to open a business checking account and the rest was entirely free.

There are ways to advertise your website by joining link exchange programs and most search engine submissions are free also. There are resources at the library for free software and most of the software including the ftp uploader I got from the internet for free. I even found free webhosts that will give you 1-3 gbytes of bandwidth for a whole year free. Check out my website, it cost me $85 to build the whole site and put it on the web.

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