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How to Get Thousand Dollars Worth of FREE ADVERTISING for Your Internet Business ?

Author: Murtuza Abbas

If you can use more new targeted traffic to your site, and I mean TONS of new hungry visitors crawling all over your site, I've got great news for you.

Now there's a powerful, inexpensive new way to bring in all the sales, leads, customers and dollars you'll ever need.

The kind of business that will rocket your sales right off the charts.

If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to get your website noticed by your niche, this article will tell you all about the MOST effective tactic that exists for a long long time, but ONLY used by elite few.

I agree, getting traffic to your site is really expensive these days.

And if you are in a highly competitive niche, the cost per visitor in pay per click search engines is pumping up day by day.

It's just not affordable to sit and wait for the traffic to pour into your site. You've to kick yourself and do something right, to see the traffic rolling in.

So what to do ? I hear you saying. Stick this 'word' in your mind if at all you're even least interested in getting ALL the FREE traffic you want for your site.

And the 'traffic-generating' word is "CONTENT".

If you've been online for some time, I bet you've heard...

"Content is the KING" - And that's absolutely right.

Creating content can get you traffic in a number of ways...

1. You can write an article of around 600 words in your niche. Stick your resource box or an ad below your article and submit them all around the net. This will get you truckloads of FREE traffic beyond your expectations.

2. Content on your website acts as a search engine bait.

3. Content in your newsletter drives repeat visitors to your site.

4. Your content can be used to create...

* Viral ebooks * Reports * Articles * Mini-eBooks

All these can be used as a free bait to motivate your visitors to signup in your list.

5. You can use your content in the form of ecourse and thus establish your credibility in the eyes of your subscribers.

6. Content in your blog gets search engines to spider your site again and again.

7. You can even exchange your content with other sites and thus increase your link popularity.

8. Content will also get you high search engine rankings, increase your page rank in Google and boost up incoming links to your site.

You just can't get a better deal, all for FREE.

Now you're aware about the costly truth of website traffic and what you need to do to convert your site into a traffic magnet, starting TODAY.

Murtuza Abbas specializes in creating simple 'Profit Pulling Minisites'.

Create amazing Minisites in 3 Hours or Less. Grab your FREE $147 'Minisite Creation Pack' & learn how to start an internet business today...