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Free Advertising Methods For An Internet Business

Author: Donny Lowy

Although it is crucial to advertise your online business, this does not mean that you need to go bankrupt in the process.

There are many techniques that allow you to advertise your site for free.

While most online business owners are familiar with how to spend money to advertise, few understand how to promote their businesses for free.

Before I explain what some of these free advertising techniques are I want to make it clear that they cannot replace the power of paid for advertising.

The reason being because paid fpr advertising can produce immediate results, and can be controlled.

You as the advertiser can decide how much traffic you want your site to receive, and how much you are willing to pay for that traffic.

But this does not meant that you cannot benefit from free online advertising.

I am sure you can see that the customers you receive from free advertising are more profitable to you than customers who came as a result of paid advertising.

The profit you earn on sales to them does not have any advertising expenses subtracted, so the net profit is higher.

Among the free online advertising techniques you can use are, destination sites.

Destination sites are sites where your potential customers visit to look for information. You can supply information to these sites in return for listing you as a source of that information. This technique will give you traffic from customers who are eagerly looking for your product or service.

Another free advertising technique is starting a forum covering your market. By being the moderator of this forum you can interact with potential customers without having to coax them to your site.

Lastly, you should post messages at forums that cover your market. Make sure your posts are relevant and display your level of knowledge.

If you are able to clearly convey your expertise you will have potential customers contacting you to find more about your products and services.

Donny Lowy has set up to show entrepreneurs how to advertise for free.