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Five Pay Per Click Strategies to Help You Make More Money with Your Internet Business

Author: Joel Teo

Pay per click advertising started booming online when search engines like Google started featuring context specific advertising columns on the right of their organic search results. Yahoo together with Overture on the other hand started adding sponsored ads to the top of their search results. Many internet business owners seized on this chance to generate targeted leads for their home based business ventures but as a result today the cost of using pay per click advertising has increased astronomically.

This article therefore highlights important principles of using pay per click advertising to help you develop a more effective pay per click marketing campaign to help you make more money online.

Learn your cost per lead

The key advantage of advertising online as opposed to offline advertising is that you can know your click to signup ratio for any internet home based business advertising campaign. This means that you know how much you are spending to generate each lead in real time. To determine if you are doing well, you can compare your lead generation costs with that of the large scale lead merchants like Cutting Edge Media. So from a practical monetary point of view, if your costs are below theirs then you have it done right but if your costs are above theirs, you are better off purchasing leads from them for your internet home based business to feed into an autoresponder.

You would want to log into your back office and note how much you spent in total the previous day. Now divide the cost of all your clicks for the previous day by the number of signups you generated. Your goal therefore is to tweak your online bids so as to get the lowest targeted cost per lead. The trick is to spend at least one week tweaking this and once you get a good ratio, you can then increase your daily limit on your clicks.

Avoid spending money on competitive terms

As a result of many internet home based business owners flooding the pay per click market search terms like “make money” or “work from home” are very expensive. You want therefore to spend some time looking for keywords that are highly searched and yet cost very little at the pay per click search engines. Two of the popular programs that can help you find such keywords include Adword Analyzer and Word Tracker.

Use Smaller Pay Per Click Programs

Spend some time looking for pay per click search engines that are not as large as Google. Smaller Pay Per Click search engines have fewer bidders so you may be able to pay less for the similar keyword than in the larger search engines. However there is a possibility that you might get fewer page views in these smaller search engines. So you might want to divide your money for several search engines. Grabbing a top spot at some of these smaller search engines might be more lucrative for you in the longer term.

Use of Misspellings

The use of misspellings can help you save money with your bids. Google Adsense today allows you to add misspellings in search terms. The guys at Goodkeywords have a good free software that can help you spot and generate all permutations of keywords at Most people love to bid on highly sought after terms and you could reap some keywords quite cheaply from using misspellings. Get this free tool from

Avoid the use of FREE in your ads

Many people online think that by adding free into your ads you would be able to get more signups. While that is true as the search term free is very highly sought after online, the problem is that you get the wrong type of signups for your internet home business. People who are expecting all kinds of freebies are signing up for your business and when you tell them they have actually to work, they just sit there and do nothing. This would also drive up your cost of lead generation.

In conclusion, use these five strategies to work on your Pay Per Click results and see your ROI increase! Take massive action today and internet prosperity will be yours.

Joel Teo is a successful internet home business owner and internet marketer and he can show you how you can start your money making home based business. Go to to learn how you can start making money by starting your own internet home based business today