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3 Essential Components To Creating Internet Business Plan

Author: Jeff Flow

When most people get started developing an Internet business they usually have the wrong understanding that all you need is a lot of traffic to your website and you will be successful.

The truth is that you need to have a well thought out Internet business plan in order to succeed. There are three components that you need in order for your Internet business to be successful: a well made website, a steady stream of good content, and persistent contact with your customers.

One of the biggest challenges you will have when you set up your online business is that you have zero Internet presence. You have to make your presence felt. You need to set up an identity that shows your visitors that you aren’t some scam artist that is trying to separate them from their hard earned cash.

Your website needs to show your visitor that you represent a genuine business that can provide them with what they need. The only view of you that your visitors see is your website and your communication with them.

A good website is quintessential to your online presence. It is your online office; people come there and draw an impression. Even the first glance can make or break a great business transaction. Your website should be neat and clean. It should be accessible to people of all abilities and it should have a well-structured navigation system. There should be no broken links and all the essential pages should be there.

The next component to a successful Internet business is to have the right kind of content on your pages. Your website needs to speak directly to your visitors, since you can’t do it in person. You want to make your website express great value to your customers and to be as convincing as you can. Take a lot of care in crafting your site and make sure that you provide a high value to your customers. If you have the funds, use a professional writer to create the sales pages.

When you are designing your website make sure that you are providing your visitors with a tremendous amount of value. Separate yourself from other websites by providing the best graphics, layout, content, and design.

Establishing an identity takes time, and this is not just unique to the Internet. Companies invest millions of dollars on establishing their brands. On the Internet, you need to establish your identity, you need your name to sound familiar, and you need to be there almost all the time.

The next step is keeping persistent contact with your visitors. You should be accessible to your present and future customers and clients; you should always be in a constant conversation. A good way to carry out a regular conversation is publishing a regular newsletter (ezine) or blog where you post regular updates about your business.

Building your Internet business is going to be harder than you think. There are many sites that claim that you can make millions by just joining their programs. This is a joke. It is going to take hard work to build your business. You have to be consistent in building your business and you have to focus on providing great value to your visitors.

Remember that when creating your Internet business plan focus on creating a good website that provides great value, a steady flow of original content, and on keeping persistent contact with your visitors. You can do it – Jesus loves you.

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