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Can Ordinary People Really Build an Internet Business ?

Author: Drikus Botha

Everyday we read and hear about someone who made millions by starting an internet business. What troubles me is the fact that you never hear about those who spend "millions" and never make a dime in return.

I made it my area of expertise to investigate the claims that people make to see whether it is a real legitimate opportunity or not.

For example: I stay in South Africa and I was reading this website of a search engine optimization business situated in South Africa.The guy claims he made millions from the techniques he used on his site.

He offers a 2-day course for R8 000 to teach you everything he knows.Well I did an Alexa rating on his site and I couldn't believe my eyes.

He doesn't get enough traffic from that website to buy a bread, let alone make millions millions. I kindly wrote him a letter to explain this to me and the amazing thing is, he just don't reply.

I honestly believe that you can and should build an internet based business because technology has made it very possible.

Do your due diligence and you will enter into a fantastic cyberworld where things are changing every second and more millionaires are made every day.

I want to urge you to thoroughly investigate any opportunity before departing with your hard earned cash.

Feel free to visit my website .I have a number of true case-studies on it of real people building real businesses.

While I am on the subject of case-studies, I just want to say this. "Case-studies should be FREE for all to read."

I notice it has become big business to sell success stories. You actually have to pay to hear how these people did it.


Drikus Botha