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Are You An Internet Business "Wannabe"?

Author: Ron Larkin

Are you one of the many people who would like to become the next Internet Millionaire? You’ve read all the stories about people who are making money sitting at home in their underwear or on a sunny beach and want to get in on the action. Well, you can, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of hard work and some cash . Here is a short list of some of the things you will need:

1. A Comprehensive Business Plan - Don’t even think of starting until you have made a plan that includes who you will sell to, what you will sell them, where you will get it, how you will sell it and how to get the money to pay for all these things.

2. Your Own Domain and Website - You won’t get very far using a free website with a long domain name. Prospects will think that you are not serious about your business if you are not willing to pay for your own name and site.

3. An E-Commerce Program - You must have the capability to accept orders, arrange for payment, preferably by credit card, and ship the product.

4. Well Written Sales Copy - Your website, sales letters, e-zine advertisements, etc., will need hard hitting selling copy to persuade your prospects to buy from you instead of your competitors. If you can’t learn to do it yourself you will need to pay a professional copywriter.

5. Patience - Building a successful business on the Internet takes both time and money. Don’t fall for the "overnight miracle" stories. You will need to re-invest your early profits back into the business. You will make mistakes and need to make changes to your plan. Test and re-test all aspects until you get it right.

Ron Larkin is a copywriter and business owner with over 40 years experience in various industries. He is the editor of an e-zine for beginning entrepreneurs. Free subscriptions are available at: