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An Internet Business Formula of Success

Author: Matthew Glanfield

Ever since I was in elementary school my favorite subject has always been Mathematics. I always loved how on tests and assignments your answers were either right or they were wrong. I hated the subjectiveness of my other classes like English and Geography, especially when I would lose marks for things that I didn't think were important!

With this mathematical mindset I also like finding things that are able to be duplicated. One thing that I have found that can usually be duplicated is success. If you can find somebody that is successful with their Internet business and find out everything that they do, and then do it, you will be able to have success as well!

It is with this notion that I put together a simple "Internet Business Formula" that lays out exactly what you can do to start and succeed in your own Internet business.

But remember, if you leave out steps in a formula you usually get the wrong answer in the end. The same goes for this formula: If you follow it, you will have success. If you leave parts out, you'll probably end up being just where you are right now, and no further.

The Internet Business Formula.

Here are the simple steps to the Internet Business Formula:

1. Find a niche market. 2. Build a simple website that provides free content (articles, tips, tricks, etc.). 3. Build a newsletter list. 4. Publish more free content to your list and to the website. 5. After you have built up enough trust, ask your list what product they want. 6. Build the product, OR find similar ones that have high value that somebody else has made. 7. Sell it to them. 8. Go back to #4.

Pretty simple, isn't it? In fact, it is so simple that you might be tempted to leave out parts (like step #3 or #4). You may say to yourself: "I don't need a newsletter list; I'll just generate a ton of traffic to my website and make money from ads!"

Big mistake.

In fact, if you make this mistake then you are probably losing out on about 90% of the revenue that your website could make.

The problem that most people have is in Step #1 - finding a niche market that will make them money. Most make the mistake of generalizing what they want to do to the point where visitors can't really tell what their website is about.

Another mistake that is often made is leaving out the newsletter. I do admit, it takes a lot of work to maintain a newsletter list, even one that you only email twice a month. But in the long run this will be your main money-maker.

The other great thing about having a newsletter list is that your readers will tell you what content to build. Rather than guessing at what everybody wants you can simply ask them. Most readers are thrilled to give you a suggestion and then see you write an article that addresses that issue, especially if you solve that issue. It is a great way to build a solid relationship with them.

Once you have a good newsletter list established and have delivered a ton of good content to them, you can start thinking about making a product that you can sell. Whether it's an e-book, a membership, a service, or an actual physical product, having a newsletter list will make your job easier.

Why? It is simply because you can ask your list what they would want to buy from you! It is a tactic that is largely underused in the Internet marketing world, and yet probably the most effective.

Of course, adding more and more quality, useful content should always be a priority. That is why people came in the first place, so if you want them to stick around, keep delivering!

In the end this formula will guarantee you success if you are willing to put the time and effort into it.

Matthew Glanfield is an Internet marketing veteran of 3 years. Receive his free email course on how to start your own Internet business by visiting .