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Your Internet Business Power System - Combining Minisites & Content Sites

Author: Murtuza Abbas

There's a whole lot of discussion going on these days where gurus are promoting the minisite system.

There are few that recommend creating content sites with valuable information to promote your own products or affiliate products.

Such sort of discussion confuses a newbie as to how to get started. With such confusion they quit even before starting their internet business.

I was at the same place completely confused as to what to do ? Get started creating minisites or a content site.

Here are some expensive mistakes I made and how I ended up creating a profitable internet business.

The very first thing I did was created a 56 page content site in an extremely competitive niche.

The biggest mistake I made was I created this site without doing any sort of initial research.

It took me 6 months to create this content site after a whole lot of efforts.

And the result followed, I did not make a single dime.

Yes, that's right, my mistake ended up wasting 6 months time and $1000 investment which was equivalent to a heart attack specially for a newbie who was a 21 year old college student with no job or any sort of secondary income source. I landed up into such a frustrating situation.

This opened my eyes and I started once again with a positive attitude.

I researched a niche that was in high demand. I created a one-page lead capturing minisite and tested it continuously till it pulled around 30% visitor to lead conversion ratio.

Once it did this I build a valuable database of subscribers who were interested in my niche.

Then I started promoting some affiliate programs to my list and ended up making some money.

Now what I did was researched some killer products in my niche and grabbed their resell rights. Then I packed them into a killer package and made it unique.

I started researching all profitable sites in my niche and made sure that my site was the best, above the competition.

Finally I started promoting my package to my list and it converted brilliantly. I ended up making around 0.5% conversion ratio on my package with a net profit of $100.

Now I had a killer lead generation minisite with a 30% visitor to subscriber ratio and a sales minisite with a 0.5% visitor to sales ratio with a $100 net profit.

With these numbers in hand I was confident that I had a killer money-making cash machine ready to make autopilot profits 24/7.

Now the next thing I did was created 2 content sites with killer quality articles in my niche.

I created my own articles and posted up other authors articles and ended up creating content sites worth more than 1,000 pages each, ready to get quality traffic from search engines.

So here's how I approached my goal of a successful internet business...

1. Create and test a lead-capturing minisite in a high demand low competition niche. Create a list of interested subscribers ready to grab your product.

2. Try creating your own product or atleast grab a resell right product in your niche. Then test it till it pulls amazingly.

3. Now it's the time to create content sites and divert the traffic from search engines to your content sites and finally to your minisites.

This kind of sales machine will surely make you killer profits.

Obviously it involves some work and efforts, but such a system in place can make you $1000s automatically even while you sleep.

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