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Your Internet Business Frustration - Exposed

Author: Murtuza Abbas

Are you bombarded with 100 money making opportunities every single day that confuses you ?

And once you have given this internet business thing a try, I bet you might be thinking as to why this ebiz thing is not working for YOU, while it is making millions for others ?

I will tell you a secret that probably no one will tell you.

"YOU are not ALONE" - That's right. Each and every internet business entrepreneur passes through these stages of ups and downs and finally cracks code of making millions online. They won't tell you this.

Here are some MYTHS that lead you on a wrong path to making money online...

MYTH 1 - It is really EASY to make money online.

Even though I have told this statement in many of my previous articles, but the fact is that it is easy for those who are really committed to do what it takes to make real money online.

When I got started creating my first website, it was next to impossible for me to write the very first word.

I wasted near about 6 months and $1000 on my first website which ultimately bombed, never made a single dime.

Being successful in your internet business is a slow process. You have to be committed to do the work involved along with a whole lot of patience to see fruitful returns in future.

It is not EASY to create a successful internet business, but it isn't so difficult too nor is it a rocket science.

The fact is very few people are prepared to do what it takes to succeed online and many quit before even they get started.

MYTH 2 - You can Make Millions Overnight.

You Won't. The fact is that it is impossible to become wealthy overnight, especially on the net.

Your odds of playing a lottery and making millions overnight would be far better than waiting to make millions overnight on the internet.

MYTH 3 - Once Your Site is Up it Will Make Autopilot Profits Instantly.

No, it won't. You have to kick your site really really hard to see some decent traffic pouring in after few months of creative efforts.

Just putting up a site on the web is similar to a shop in a desert that even birds don't pay a visit. So don't ever dream that once your site is up you will make tons of money from Day 1.

MYTH 4 - I Can Start a Business Online for FREE.

Starting a business on the net may be less expensive than starting a business offline.

But don't ever think that you can start a wildly profitable internet business for FREE.

Starting your internet business, or any other business, without putting in any money, simply shows that you are not serious about your business.

The fact is you have to put in a decent investment in few automation systems that will run your business and help you to pull in huge autopilot profits in future.

You will also have to market your business in some profitable areas like pay per click search engines, ezine ads, etc. Not testing and investing some money in these low cost advertising sources simply means that you're prepared to fail.

While it is true that things are not so easy nowadays, but the fact is that internet has the horse power to create millionaires and YOU can be one of them if you stick to it.

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