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Your Own Internet Business

Author: Matthew Glanfield

The other day I picked up a Reader's Digest magazine (a very popular Canadian magazine) and glanced at the cover. The designers of Reader's Digest are very good at catching your attention and making you want to read whatever they have in their magazine.

There on the front I noticed a headline on the left side of the cover page - "Your Hobby and Your Computer = Money."

Even though I already had an Internet business and was quite happy with its progress I was curious to see the contents of this article. I opened up the magazine and read the article within about ten minutes.

It talked about a woman who started selling teddy bears that she made from fur coats on eBay for $200 - $300 a piece. It also talked about someone who started a Blog (short for web log or online journal) and started making money from advertising. It also mentioned a man who started doing Internet consulting and made a small fortune.

The only problem was that after reading the article I had no further information on what I would need to do to start an Internet business.

You see right now this whole "work from home" and "start your own online business" craze has got a lot of people interested. There is a lot of money in Internet businesses. However, most people don't even know where to start, and to others the words "web host", "html", and "Adwords" are from another language.

This is the problem that we find on the Internet - there is an information overload. Everybody is telling you that you can do something but most of the time they will either not tell you how or they will require you to pay for the information. If you have to pay for the information then it is hard to choose who will give you information that you can really act on.

For example, if I told you that you needed to find a niche market and then build a website in order to be successful but then don't tell you how to do either of those things how likely are you to succeed?

You might be able to figure it out, but then again, there are a lot of mistakes that most people (including myself) make when starting that delay any income from being earned. I was in the Internet Marketing business for over two years before I finally started to make money.

Do you want to take that long? Or can you afford to take that long?

The optimal solution instead would be to find someone who has made all the mistakes that you want to avoid making and who has actually made money online. You also don't want to pay hundreds of dollars just to start learning what to do.

I have learned that, as strange as it may sound, the best way to make money online is to give away a lot of free, excellent quality content!

People are hungry for it. Millions of searches are performed every day looking for it. Everybody wants good quality content but nobody seems to be able to find much of it! And what happens when you finally find that gem of a website that gives such great information on what you are looking for? You tell everybody else about it!

You send people emails; you post it on forums; you rave about it on your website (if you have one) or on your blog. Soon others will go based on your recommendations.

What does that mean for the website creator? They get even more traffic, free of charge! Who wouldn't like some free traffic?

The point is, by using the proper formula for building your Internet business you can succeed online, and I can guarantee that!

Here's to our success,

Matthew Glanfield

Matthew Glanfield is the owner of , a site that is dedicated to helping people start their own Internet business. The free information on this site will show you how Matthew made over $100,000 in sales in the latter half of 2005 using his Internet Business Formula.