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Writing An Internet Business Plan

Author: Shaunta Pleasant

Many nine to five workers dream of the independence and financial power that is created by owning their own business. Owning a business requires lots of hard work, and longer hours than any wage slave will be required to put in, but the rewards are great as well.

== An Internet Business Can Give You Freedom ==

Owning your own business gives you freedom and puts you in charge of your own financial future. It is hard to overestimate the value of this freedom.

It is also hard to overestimate the value of a solid business plan when creating a new business. It is difficult for any new business to get up and running without some form of outside financing, and the first thing any potential investor will want to see is the business plan.

When starting an Internet based business, it is vital to honestly assess the market environment and the demand for the products and services the business will provide.

== A Start Up Business Plan ==

A startup business plan for an Internet business should include a detailed description of what the company will do; it’s mission statement, as well as a section detailing the management experience and qualifications of all members of the management team and all partners.

== What You Should Include In It? ==

In addition, the business plan should include complete information on the challenges the new business expects to encounter on its road to success, as well as the opportunities it hopes to exploit. This information will be important reading material for any potential investor in the business.

The business plan should also include a detailed financial section. For newly formed startup businesses without a financial history, this section should include assumptions, including a detailed market analysis and break-even analysis.

Effective assumptions are not the opinion of the business owner; instead they should be an independent financial analysis which includes the proposed funding requirements, how those funds will be used to build the business, the return to be provided to investors, the cash flow, profit and loss statements and balance sheets of the company, and the future profit projections.

==The Financial Section Of Your Plan ==

The financial section should also include future plans for making the Internet business grow.

An Internet business is not an easy or a cheap one to start, but the Internet remains one of the most exciting places for a new business to take hold.

Even several years after the bursting of the famed Internet bubble, the Internet remains a great place for new businesses, and startup Internet businesses continue to grow and prosper.

Shaunta Pleasant is a professional web writer and editor on business plan topics. Visit my site to learn more about writing a business plan at