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Work From Home Internet Business Jobs-Are They Real?

Author: Tom Worsley

I have been searching for over 5 years for the ultimate work from home internet business job that would provide me and my family with a life long lasting full time income. But the truth of the matter is that I have not yet found one single internet business job that would lead me to financial freedom all on its own.

What I did find is that with your own web site you could work for several internet business opportunities at the same time and create a full time income with all the opportunities combined. I get checks from more than 10 internet businesses every month.

If you don’t have your own website and you want to work from home on the internet then get one. It’s the only way you are going to succeed with any work from home internet business job.

The first thing you need to do is pick a theme for your website. Try to pick something you know a little bit about or something you are interested in. You need to be an expert in the subject matter that you choose for you website. It’s OK if you are not an expert when you start. But you need to be interested enough to learn about your subject matter and continuously gain the knowledge of an expert in your field. My website theme is work from home internet business jobs. After 5 years I still do not consider myself an expert but I know enough to be writing this article.

On my work from home web site I have ads to work from home business opportunities that pay me commissions just for having those ads on my site. That is just one way of earning a commission check from your web site. There are thousands of affiliate business opportunity sites that will pay you commissions for adverting their product or service on your website. Once you have chosen a theme look for products and services that are related to that theme.

You may also want to look into joining Google Adsense. At one point Google paid me $700.00 USD in one month for displaying their ads on my web site. And the script they use will automatically target the ads they serve to the theme of your website.

Once you have your theme and built your site with a few affiliate programs and opportunity links, you need to start promoting your website everywhere you can think of. And don’t think you’re done with the construction of your website. It is a known fact that the most successful websites are continuously adding new content and pages on a weekly basis. I once read that you need to create a new page on your site each and every day. This is why I say you need to become an expert in your field.

There are several ways you can create new content for your website. Creating an article database is one. Most people who write articles will allow you to use those articles on your website free of charge. Just make sure you use the ones that are targeted to your theme. I have an article database which contains work from home internet business job related articles.

To sum up what I have written here. Get a website and pick a theme. Join affiliate programs related to that theme and build your website around that theme. Add content on a daily to weekly basis related to that theme. Promote your website everywhere. If you do all of the above correctly you will create the ultimate work from home internet business job that would provide you and your family with a life long lasting full time income.

Tom Worsley is a successful work from home Internet marketer and independent representative for Strong Future International (SFI) , Owner and Webmaster for . This article may be re-published on your site or in your newsletter as long as this resource box is included.