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Education : Student Leadership Begins From Within

Author: Leanne Hoagland-Smith

In solving some of the current challenges facing American public education, schools, communities, and organizations promote student leadership in middle school and high school as an after school or supplemental program. Many of these programs center around community service.

Bringing awareness about the community and helping the community is a good thing, but effective student leadership, just as adult leadership, should begin with self-leadership.

To see if your student leadership program is really developing self-leaders who can achieve the results that you know are possible, consider the following 20 questions.

Do your students or young people have:

If you answered yes to more any of these questions, then how can your students effectively work together in community service? Doesn't it not make more sense to develop student leaders who consistently demonstrate high values and achieve their goals?

Student leadership must begin with self-leadership because you can’t lead anyone else until you first can lead yourself. Also, doesn’t it make sense to develop those positive desires to be successful, to be aware of others and most importantly to be 100% responsible for the choices that are made through individual actions?

Leanne Hoagland-Smith, President of ADVANCED SYSTEMS, works with large urban to private schools, certified staff, support staff, students and parents to improve performance in 30 to 180 days. Using proven tools, we can quickly and affordably identify the gaps in YOUR organization, provide you with an Action Plan that you can easily implement along with developmental programs from executive leadership to student leadership.

What would the value to you be if everyone within your school all rowed in the same direction with energy and enthusiasm?


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