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Education - Billions of Dollars, Poor Results and No Outrage

Author: Leanne Hoagland-Smith

In the late 1990’s, former education Bill Bennett penned a book entitled The Death of Outrage. Even though this was a politically directed book, this title can be applied to many different situations especially public education.

Where is the outrage in public education? We hear about all the reasons why No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is bad and won’t work, but the average American citizen is not hearing about the results or lack thereof that are happening each and every day throughout the elementary, middle schools, high schools and college classrooms.

Each year in conjunction with the Gallup organization, Phi Delta Kappa releases its poll of attitudes towards American public education. What is interesting to note is the yearly consistently high scores of A’s or B’s that respondents who are parents give their local schools. Yet, results from the Nation’s Report card as well as another recently released study from American Institutes for Research show that these parents really don’t know the “real story.”

Here are some facts from a variety of sources that can be easily located using the Internet:

A Thought: If we look at student performance from a simple analogy perspective, would you put your money in a bank that delivered less than a 5% return over the course of 33 years? Of course, not!

Every day we receive new information showing that despite the increase in funding from both states and federal governments (2004-05 school year is estimated at $536 billion for K-12 and another $373 billion for higher education), our spending is not achieving performance improvement when compared to nations that spend far less and achieve higher levels of student performance.

Again, the earlier question still remains “Where is the Outrage?”

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