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Education is a Business Philosophy

Author: Marion B Stearns

Copyright Marion Stearns - All Rights Reserved


This isn't a "wanna be" zillionaire style email. It's a
business philosophy that indicates what few people are bold
enough to acknowledge. People can call themselves a business
but that really doesn't make them a business.

Take a Look....

Running a profitable e-business can be hard work. Are you
placing e-bandages on your biz-wounds, when surgery might
be needed? What does this mean? Are you relying of hoards
of people to guide you?

Do you believe that everyone you do business with on the
internet, has an elementary theory of business? Is it safe
to assume that they have some kind of understanding of the
concepts and constant changes that we face? Of course not.
We meet people from all walks of life and some of them have
never been "in business," before we met them. Can you
remember the first time you called yourself a business?

Some of us dare to trot boldly, to go where no man OR woman
has ever tread before. Others struggle with expensive and
un-qualified, "on-the-job" training. When we need and want
a "reality check" reply,.... we might depend on personal
instinct. For many of us, this "instinct" decision is based
on education in our field, or on our past experiences. It's
not the same thing as "pot luck."

New internet marketers can play a lot of hit and miss. That
can get very expensive. Is there a solution? Should you find
a reliable mentor? Do new ideas fuel you with motivation and
inspiration, or do they leave you with an empty feeling of
being lost? Test your instinct.

Instinct is that silent voice inside of you, that tells you
whether to go with an idea, or prompts you to ditch it.
What's behind this instinct feeling that seems to surface
out of thin air? Fear? Yes, fear can ruin our chances of
success. Fear of the unknown might be confusing. If you
don't know enough about what you're doing, in many cases,
"instinct" has a hard time giving your GUTS, the desired
prompt! This is where the education or lack of it, pops in.

Confusion and fear stall action. Since some things remain a
thorn in our sides, we might try different things and keep
starting over. We might be working long and hard with no
results so we change businesses.. Did the business fail us
or did we fail it?

If this sounds like you, instead of patching up your
business with bandages, find a trusted mentor to help you.
A good mentor can spoon feed you through your e-education
and really help you cut down your trial and error.


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