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Build IT and They Shall Come... Digital Divide Education

Author: Daviyd Peterson

If you haven't heard or read about the outsourcing trend, argument, discussion, fervor, whatever your side of it may be - especially the digital bridges of gold-pressed latnum being built in India, China and other places outside our backyard; then you need to Google-it or Yahoo to your heart's satisfaction and move out from the cave of silence youv’e had been in lately. What we are focusing on here is a simple case - 'Build IT and they shall come...'

India is closing the digital divide in the unique way that is being championed in our neck of the woods - digital divide education. By educating their people in what major companies like IBM, Intel, SAP, Oracle, J.P. Morgan and a whole host of others, all global companies with technology based services and/or products who need tech-savvy employees to stay global and thereby attracting investments in tech centers and other knowledge warehouses to communities worldwide. It has begun changing the way global companies do business to the degree where thousands of jobs are going overseas - outsourcing to India as it is called.

Teach you children and they shall come...Build IT and they shall come, sound familiar. The reason for digital divide education in our own backyard should become clear by the end of this article. Stop looking for handouts or complaining about the problem, when the solution has been within our reach for decades - and is being applied globally. In Ireland, China, Japan, Taiwan, India and other countries they have been bringing in billions and changing the economy for years - while it looks as if we in the U.S. have been asleep at the wheel.

Other companies in the U.S. have been complaining about competing with companies that outsource in other countries to take advantage of lower wages or less taxes. Employees are complaining about losing jobs to other countries for the same reasons.

My viewpoint again is for the same companies and employees invest time and money in their own backyards and return the billions that the global companies are spending overseas back to the U.S.

Don't have the resources to build a tech center for training, then use your neighborhood church, community center, library, public or private schools, daycare centers or mansion from a very eleemosynary community leader. Take the time to retrain employees to certify in what is being sought overseas and at home in the U.S., educate children in the community with math, science, technology and other required courses. Invest time in staying in the public or private schools to interest children in working to fill the digital divide that is fracturing America.

I'm sure the question of time involved in training people or getting children thru school or interested in these fields may seem like a greater hurdle than the digital divide itself. Has anyone considered what it would cost in time and money as we continually have to layoff employees and consolidate projects to burden a smaller workforce? If our companies have laid-off employees in the past - how much time is left before Acham's razor fall's on another department? Is your company spending time and/or money in a work-study program of any kind? Any time being spent at local colleges and universities? Local or private schools? All these options are being used in outsourcing to India, and other countries. Outsourcing to India creates a digital bridge of gold-pressed latnum to not only this country but several others. And where do you think they learned all these options, whether the programs are true to the original or added variations? In America.

The countries where all these billions are going toward closing the digital divide in their part of the world by using digital divide education I might add - have sent their citizens here to the U.S. to get their degrees, certifications and knowledge of technology. They in turn went home to their respective countries and educated their communities where they once lived, grew up and shopped.

The same can be done right here at home in the U.S., digital divide education works and we have proof - even if it isn't in our own backyard...yet.

Digital divide education - Build IT and they will come...home.

Daviyd Peterson: 10-year consultant, instructor, trainer of digital divide solutions for both home and business. Helps African American and minority Small business enterprises bridge the digital divide by becoming wireless Small Office Digital Offices (SODO). Free articles on Wireless Internet Security, Internet marketing and other
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